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Politico ranks Minnesota as second best state in the U.S.

A state map of Minnesota
A state map of Minnesota
State of Minnesota

Politico Magazine crunched numbers from 14 different state rankings, as well as a number of other data sources to create a ranked list of the best and worst states in the U.S.

Minnesota came in second overall, trailing only New Hampshire.

The state also did well in a number of specific categories. Minnesota ranked #12 in the "wealthiest per capita" category, with an average income of $30,656. It also ranked #9 in "lowest unemployment," #10 in "lowest poverty rate," #2 in "highest percentage of high school graduates" and #2 in "longest life expectancy." In fact, Minnesota ranked in the top fifteen in all 14 specific categories.

Sadly, the picture isn't as rosy for some of Minnesota's neighbors. While Iowa ended up #9 on the overall state ranking, Wisconsin was #19, just behind North and South Dakota.

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