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Politicians party while Americans still suffer

     In the wake of the latest partisan political “statement,” we will now incur five to six months of random yet retread political talking points while nothing gets accomplished in 2010 or early 2011. We fortunate citizens that have jobs or run businesses are back at work today or we’re looking for jobs to support our families and pay the bills. Meanwhile, the politicians will spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars in yet another “transition” here in Michigan and in Washington, D.C. (as well as every other state).
     I knew there would be a major change in numbers from Democrat to Republican. This cycle happens every few years in politics. But what will never change is the obvious but never discussed failure of our political system: nothing of a major structural overhaul in politics will happen and in two years the whole cycle will repeat again. The Dems and GOP will now have a two-year stare down while millions of Americans are left without jobs and without the ability to keep their homes.
Yet, the politicians will get richer. The political war chests will be filled for the next battle in two years. And no politician, unless you’re talking about me, will follow through with the promises he or she always makes.
     I was the only candidate in this country who actually had a state executive budget ready to be passed by the private sector starting today. I am the only candidate who was eliminating his own benefits and taking a pay cut. I am the only candidate who has the guts to tear down our political machine to its most efficient level, eliminating layers of career politicians from the local through the federal level.
But people like me get know coverage in the media. Politicians don’t want solutions, and the media fail to hold politicians to the verbal and written contracts they make every election cycle. That is why nothing significant will happen with the GOP in charge of Michigan or Washington. We work for the politicians and the elites (including greedy CEOs), and the media fail to ever question our elected officials as to when and how they are going to follow through with their promises.
     Hang on and wait for 2012. It is the same old story in politics: don’t do anything until either the GOP or Dems control everything. And we all suffer waiting for solutions while being sold another pile of lies. So just keep voting for the same two parties with no accountability and watch our nation go further in debt and our jobs go away.
     Nothing changed last night except for the job titles in Michigan and Washington. Sorry to state the obvious for you. Call your newly elected and existing politicians and ask them what they are doing today to be more accountable with our money; they will not answer your questions because we already know the answers.
     Tom Neuenfeldt was a write-in candidate for Michigan governor. His website is  


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