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Politicians continue unwise US military defense spending

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US military defense spending is dangerously out of control, creating a stranglehold on the US economy. Yet politicians often preach that any discussion to reduce military and defense spending is off the table.

In order to address the national debt, these callous politicians have the audacity to lecture Americans to tighten their belts, again and again.

Politicians ensure this senseless military and defense spending continues by:

  • Slashing US safety nets
  • Cutting funds for education
  • Ignoring the USA’s crumbling infrastructure
  • Not addressing the US job shortage
  • Ignoring the growing wage gap, and more

Increasing domestic spending to better the United States and its citizens, remains flatly denied.

Instead, politicians continue funding outdated military operations and corporate welfare that supports numerous ventures such as; protecting oil company ventures, protecting corporations that are mining and collecting minerals in Afghanistan, etc.

The USA Outspends ALL Other Countries

It's no secret that the USA outspends the world in the area of military and defense spending, supporting hundreds and possibly over 1,000 military installations around the world.

  • Even though the USA outspends the world, the 911 attack perpetrated by 19 men, led by Osama bin Laden, was a success.
  • Outspending the world did nothing to stop the Benghazi US consulate from being attacked.

Regardless of these facts, US politicians continue spending hundreds of billions of dollars annually for international military facilities that are outdated, and serve little to no purpose concerning US defense.

The sequester cut US military and defense spending. But the amount cut from the budget can be equated to pouring a glass of water into the ocean to make it deeper. Click here for details.

With today’s advanced technology, and considering the domestic problems plaguing the United States, continuing such spending is not only reckless and un-necessary, it’s shameful.

It goes without saying that the USA must employ a strong defense.

But we must interject the word "smart" with defense spending.