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Politicians, CEOs are the problem in Michigan

     Before going to the polls in November and voting your usual straight ticket, please research all the candidates running for governor here in Michigan. Just because a lifetime politician is running for the Dems and the nerdy CEO is running for the “R”, consider that this is exactly what many of us realize is the problem here in Michigan. We have become numb to any sensible conversations about who is best qualified and most in tune with the needs of our state, and just because one guy is a political lifer and another candidate made millions on the sweat and job losses of American/Michigan workers, will you still vote the same party?
     There are three other candidates on the ballot; I know nothing about them or their parties, but you could at least see what they stand for. Or you could go to my website and see the only candidate running for governor who met with business owners and executives back in 2004 and presented an actual turnaround plan for Michigan. I also gave away all of my salary and took no money from the taxpayers while in office, challenged the other commissioners and government department heads to make major overhauls or Midland County was in big trouble. That was in 2004 and Midland, the most fortunate county in the entire state, was still in the black. Now, like many other counties and school districts, we are in the red with no leaders willing to start reforming by taking cuts of their own salary or benefits.
     Politicians in Michigan and across this country are concerned about how much money they put in their pockets as quick as possible and for as long as possible. They will give themselves the best taxpayer-funded benefits, pensions and salaries. They will take millions from lobbyists and PACs from the highest bidders and then come around every few years asking for your votes yet again.
     CEOs salaries and bonuses are sickening compared to the leadership they provide and the work environment they leave for their underlings here in America and Michigan. Personally, I stated in other articles and my book that I would turnaround Michigan’s auto industry by being the CEO of a new GM by taking no more than $250,000 per year base salary, no benefits and no stock options. I would limit my annual bonus, based on profitability and long-term outlook of the company, to one to two million dollars per year. I think most Michiganders could live on $250,000 per year and the annual bonus of a couple million dollars. I would also have a non-union workforce that pays workers $12-$20 per hour BUT has this big difference: massive annual or semi-annual bonuses based on the company’s stock performance and long-term profit outlook.
     Michigan’s auto and business climate could change quickly with someone like me in Lansing. I am just as smart as the nerd candidate without the ego. I am also smart enough to know we need a budget target of $30 billion maximum to allow us to pay our bills (we had an $18 billion budget in 1990, by the way).
     Please don’t vote on November 2nd just by partisan affiliation. I am a working-class small business owner and lifelong private sector worker just like most of you. I am also the only candidate at any level of office in the state to propose a part-time, unicameral legislature and a specific $30 billion budget that I will let the business community and private sector dissect and improve upon and then the legislature will pass it. The governor, the legislature and the entire public workforce works only based on the success and confidence of the private sector. I am the only candidate who will slash his own office budget by over 70% and take no benefits or pension.
     What does your candidate have to say or present other than talking points and vague promises?
Tom Neuenfeldt is a write-in candidate for governor of Michigan. His website is being updated at



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