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Politicians Are Not Equal

Not all politicians are created equal and they're not all in office for personal gain, yet we see more and more how special interests influence their decision makings whether it be in their home state or in Washington. Knowing your particular politician's background requires some research on your part and not necessarily what's printed in the newspapers or written online. Digging into the public records of the potential and current politician's background will help you, as a voter, to make an informed decision.

There is something to be said about terms limits and the impact that lengthy terms do to either strengthen or weaken a politician. By looking at their voting records, it may help you to form a more enlightened view of the individual you are leaning towards voting for. With so many potential voters believing that their vote doesn't truly count, voter turn out tends to weaken in non presidential and presidential election cycles. Focusing on exercising your right to vote in each cycle, politicians may actually begin to focus more on the people that put them into office rather than the special interest groups that pay to put them into office.

Exercise your constitutional right and vote. Not only this year, but in each election cycle that you are eligible to vote in.

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