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Politician writes resignation letter in Klingon

A politician from North Carolina gave his resignation in an unusual way Thursday-by writing the letter in Klingon.

The AP reported that David Waddell resigned from the Indian Trail Town Council using the language of the aliens from the Star Trek series. His four-year tenure in the post is set to end in Dec. 2015, but Waddell stated in his letter that he will step down at the end of this January.

Waddell was reportedly frustrated with how Indian Trail was developing. He also disapproved of how the council planned to add restrictions and fees on how public information should be viewed.

He also plans to devote time to mount a campaign for a platform for the seat of U.S. Senator Kay Hagan.

Waddell stated that he used the fictional language in his resignation as a joke. One person who is not laughing, however, is Mayor Michael Alvarez, who called the letter unprofessional and childish.

“Folks don’t know what to think of me half the time,” Waddell said. “I might as well have one last laugh.”

The process to find a replacement for Waddell is set to begin in late January or early February.

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