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Politicial Science - Man's Second Greatest Enemy?

Is Your Drinking Water Making You Sick?
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In one of my movies I included a chess match scene from a college intramural tournament. My character is questioned by his opponent about his bigotry against science. My response is a resounding, "I'm not anti science, just anti BS." That is the position of all of the crusaders for honest presentation of facts. Science is simply the revealing of God's truths. He created all of the laws and elements and chemical properties. We cannot create truth in the realm of the natural world. We can only expose it. Unfortunately some pseudo-science is being presented to the world as absolute fact.

There are a few ways in which science can let us down:

#1 – Faulty testing, whether through mistakes or through inappropriate testing criteria and environment.

#2 - Inaccurate hypothesis causing the wrong testing to be done or omitting tests that need to be done.

#3 – Faulty interpretation of the tests, perhaps as a result of bias.

#4 - Deliberate skewing of test results to achieve a desired outcome.

Science supposedly is self correcting. What we call science really isn't absolute truth after all. It is simply the best explanation of facts that we have at the time. The theory is that better scientists will ferret out the faulty science and replace it with the new information. Here's a little adage that demonstrates that process: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Obviously many ideas hit the first and second stages and never make it to the third, because they were not true. Darwin's theory of one species giving birth to a new species should have been one of those "theories". Now it is considered self-evident by some while still being vigorously opposed by anyone who has an open mind.

Let me point out one salient example of testing failure. A drug was marketed over the counter back in 1957 to prevent nausea in pregnant mothers. The tests performed by the pharmaceutical company showed that morning sickness was indeed reduced or eliminated. What wasn't tested was how that chemical would interact with the fetus. After many babies were born with birth defects, most prominently the failure of their arms and legs to develop normally, the drug was banned in 1961. Over 10,000 babies were impacted before science corrected itself. BTW: Thalidomide is still being used but not for pregnancies. It appears to be of use against leprosy, HIV, and cancer.

That movie scene I mentioned involved a discussion about fluoridation of drinking water. It is dumbfounding to me how ubiquitous this practice of dumping a poison into drinking water to attempt to prevent some cavities, basically in children, has become. But the establishment is under siege in this area. There is too much evidence that this stuff is dangerous. Of course, much of that evidence is ignored or mocked because it comes from scientists dismissed as crackpots. Now a new study from Harvard is backing that up. You can read about the effects your drinking water might be having upon you and your family at:

People are beginning to realize that there is a lot of money to be made by taking advantage of people through the use of science. That gives new meaning to the term "political science" as those in power are offered the opportunity for financial advancement by championing the cause of big pharmaceutical or chemical companies. Skepticism about what is truly scientific and what is presented as scientific in order to line the pockets of principals involved is picking up momentum. The government is supposed to protect citizens; not allow unscrupulous corporations to prey upon them. Unfortunately as the list of concerned citizens grows, the failure of the government to regulate prudently appears to be increasing as well. The future is going to be interesting. One thing you might glean from this essay is that to ensure the health of your family, you can't rely on scientists, the medical profession, or the government to get the job done. You're heard the phrase, "Do the math." I'm telling you to "Do the research."

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