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Politically targeted law suits have White House connection

Yahoo News announced today via The Christian Science Monitor that the United States Justice Department is filing an "unprecedented" lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County in Arizona. This news accompanies The Western Center For Journalism's report of Obama airing the dispute before the United Nations Human Rights Council. While it is astonishing that the President and the DOJ would treat American citizens in such a fashion, it would seem that the stage is being set for another series of litigations which also have global implications.

Renewed focus is now being placed on intellectual property, especially regarding the internet. The advancement of the internet and wireless technology has provided numerous outlets and avenues of expression for art, music and literature. The internet has also become a boundless source of news and information for nearly everyone. It is an unrestrained, limitless expanse of breaking news with the capability of providing an infinite number of connections to people and activities. No longer are politicians and officials able to conspire under the cover of darkness without someone, somewhere finding out and broadcasting it to the entire world. Naturally, power moguls would love nothing more than to silence this voice and curtail its power. Politicians have introduced legislation which would censor writers' abilities to report everyday events over the internet, but of course this has to be presented in a marketable fashion in order not to raise suspicion from the masses.

A group of nations have come together in order to develop an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which would also cover intellectual property violations. This will effectively corral communications over the internet and monitor the flow of information which is the last bastion of unbiased reporting and free speech available on a mass scale. Mary Zachar of the Intellectual Property ADR Services asserts that copyright and the 1st Amendment are "twin pillars" which support the writing industry. Her article questions the wisdom of an aggressive pursuit of copyright infringement cases and the effect it will have on freedom of speech as well as the profitability of news outlets. She points to the fact that many blogs and forums are now calling for a boycott of newspapers filing suit for copyright infringement.

Enter Steve Gibson. Gibson is the owner of a law firm called Righthaven which specializes in copyright law. According to independent journalist Fintan Dunne, Gibson's firm has already launched over one hundred lawsuits targeting blogs, online papers and forums demanding payoffs of over $75,000 each. Gibson's political connections and the fact that many of his lawsuits target political entities are enough to raise a few eyebrows.

So who is Gibson? A big corporate attorney? A former mafia lawyer? Some would say so. It turns out Steve Gibson was listed as a partner with Barack and Michelle Obama at the Sidley Austin firm in Chicago. Another interesting figure at the Austin firm is none other than the White House Copyright Czar herself, Victoria Espinel. In June of this year, Espinel launched the Obama administration's strategic initiative to combat intellectual property theft. Gibson appears to be a strategic arm to help her accomplish this task. Obama had expressed frustration with "diffuse media outlets" such as blogs and internet news sources in the early days of his presidency.

This all might seem rather innocuous if it were not for some rather interesting connections. Dunne reports that the news conglomerate which Gibson represents is Stephens Media. This media outlet is owned by the Stephens family of Arkansas according to Wikipedia, the patriarch of which is Jackson Stephens. It turns out that Jackson Stephens' law firm, The Rose Law Firm, which also represents Monsanto, employed Hillary Clinton in the '90's. It was during this time that Hillary engaged in questionable financial practices which led to the "Fostergate" scandal during the Clinton administration.

As if this were not enough, this thread keeps leading to more global connections including the merger of Monsanto and another Stephens owned business, Delta & Pine Land. The story behind this merger is enough to fuel several Tom Clancy novels and a Bourne Resurgence blockbuster. Included are connections between both the Clinton's and Bush's as well as ties with Sam Walton, Tyson Foods and Monsanto. It turns out that Delta & Pine Land, whose key scientific member, Dr. Nam-Hai Chua, also head of the Rockefeller University Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory in New York, helped to develop and patent the Terminator Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) which became controversial in 1999. Now with its acquisition of D&PL's worldwide subsidiaries, Monsanto is poised for global domination of food production.

So the general public, while defending litigious volleys suddenly coming from out of the blue, is supposed to believe that Steve Gibson, who has more political connections than James Bond is trying to protect the corporate assets of authors and media outlets? Many on the receiving end of Righthaven's attack have their doubts.

All of this reminds one of the George Carlin monologue, "it's a big club and YOU ain't in it!" Whether it is Bush's connection to Monsanto, Cheney with Haliburton, Obama with Gibson, or Clinton with Rose Law Firm, it is all part of "The Club" and honest, hard working folk do not belong. While the left is busy bashing the right and both point fingers blaming the other, "The Club" is busy with its plan, occasionally hypnotizing the masses with entertainers like Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann and providing us with the illusion that we actually have a choice.

Government cannot save us from corporations. It is a corporation. Paid media hypnotists will not lead us to freedom. Our enemies are not members of a foreign religion. The central issue of greatest importance is Liberty. Liberty for ourselves, our neighbor and other countries. Only the voices which cry for Liberty are the ones we must follow. All other voices have agendas of their own. WARNING: CARLIN VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE


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