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Poltical puppet masters

Americans are not puppets unless they are blind or ignorant to the ways in which the political puppet masters and leaders are using the airwaves, media, and their positions, like puppet strings, to divide Americans on their worst issues against one another.

While many American citizens (whites, non-whites, multicultural) have spent years trying to overcome the history of slavery and institutionalized laws of discrimination against multicultural groups - handed over to them by their ancestors - it appears that the puppet masters are trying to incite and fuel the negative attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of the past.

Hate crimes, or racist remarks, or discriminatory statements are becoming news topics and Americans are quickly deviating from years of effort toward intergroup or intercultural respect and tolerance.

Why would the puppet masters want to divide Americans by inciting and fueling them to use their own private and personal prejudices, stereotyping, and discrimination against each other? They are interested in supporting and protecting their own in-group of people, which doesn’t include all whites and definitely not multicultural groups.

While the puppet masters incite and fuel multicultural Americans into believing they are fighting on opposite sides of the fence, because of color or diversity issues, many are actually on the same side. Multicultural Americans are not competing for America, or for constitutional rights, or economic opportunities.

There would be room for everyone, if the resources and privileges were properly allotted. There is no need to fight each other in ways that hinder the progress of one group of Americans over another. The puppet masters are the ones holding the most wealth, advantages, and opportunities, not regular Americans. Why are regular Americans fighting, killing, criticizing, hating, and backbiting each other, instead of working “with” each other? There are some working towards multicultural unity, but not enough.

The puppet masters are not interested in the “good of the whole,” but they want to maintain an advantage for their wealthy in-groups whose wealthy benefits impact the majority of well-meaning American citizens negatively.

While the puppet masters strategically manipulate the American population through prejudice and stereotyping it gives them the advantage to take over. Secret code words are being used to incite and fuel the fights, conflicts, and division among regular Americans as a way to justify their mental and emotional exploitation methods. At the same time, they are making regular Americans believe they should VOTE them into office.

While regular American’s fight, dislike, criticize, talk about, hate, grow more prejudice, discriminate, stereotype, and polarize themselves against each other they don’t notice the enormous wealth and power the puppet masters are accumulating.

The puppet masters are using a systematic attempt to promote and amplify regular American citizen’s negative stereotypes and prejudices while blindsiding people to the social and economic inequalities that are affecting the majority of multicultural America. This has been done before.

The goal is for the puppet masters to dominate America to the extent that it will benefit the wealthy and keep them superior to any other group. Believe it or not, it is obvious that the puppet masters, by their behaviors and political inactions, think they are the superior group and have a right to be wealthier and more powerful than the rest of America.

It’s time to rise about the prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination and bond together as a multicultural America to stop this destructive pattern. Do we want to take this into the future of America? Enough already!! Most of what we know of other groups, that are negative, is usually based on ignorance. Work personally on reducing your own racism, prejudice, and stereotyping.

The appeal to followers of Christ, who have an advantage on reducing prejudice and racism through the love of Christ; - many Christian churches reflect a multicultural perspective of the body of Christ – get the biblical message out into the American environment.

The puppet masters are spewing rhetoric that incites and fuels serious issues and concerns among regular American citizens. Americans are falling into the trap and are unable to see what’s really going on right in front of their faces.

Many American’s who didn’t think they had any prejudices, stereotypes, or discriminating ways, are discovering negative, hidden nuggets in their own hearts. Use that to be better, not to contribute to the downward spiral that prejudice and discrimination takes individuals towards.

To the followers of Christ: Wake Up Sleeping Giant!!
To people of the United States; Wake Up America!!!

Dr. Pensacola H. Jefferson
Keep rethinking your life - based on God’s truth - until you’re transformed by it.

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