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Political hopeful tweets bounty for nude pics and videos of Hunting Cheerleader

Kendall Jones is a pretty Texas Tech teenager, blond hair, big bright smile. But she found herself in a the middle of a media firestorm in early June after photos went viral of her participating in her favorite pastime: Hunting. Specifically, hunting large, possibly endangered African animals.

Critics were particularly bothered that Jones posed next to the dead animals for a photo to be posted on her Facebook page.

Jones defends the hunting and says she is participating in animal conservation, and many of the animals are being used to feed villages of starving people.

No matter how you feel about Jones and what she is doing most people realize that their is a right way and a wrong way to protest. For instance, there was a petition started to have pictures of the dead animals removed from Facebook. Facebook did remove some of the pictures but not all of them.

Mike Dickinson, a Democratic congressional hopeful, took to Twitter and offered $100k to anyone who could produce nude pictures or videos of Jones. He even put the call-out for ex-boyfriends of Jones to fess up and give up the dirt on Jones' sexual history.

It doesn't matter that Jones is just barely 18-years old. Dickinson has tweeted repeatedly that she isn't "innocent" and lost her right to privacy the moment she made herself a public figure. He compares Jones to serial killers Ted Bundy and John Gacy. He calls her a "scumbag" and "garbage".

Dickinson didn't stop there. He went on about Jones' sexual preferences, repeatedly says "lets hunt her" and insults anyone who dares to criticize him. He continues on with tweet after mysoginstic-tweet encouraging the stalking Jones and at one point bringsBristol Palin into the mix.

He never takes into account the possibility of a mentally-unstable follower attempting to take him up on his offer to find or obtain images of Jones (perhaps by any means necessary) or to "hunt her" down just like she hunted the animals.

A few of Dickinson's more inflammatory tweets:

"If any ex boyfriends of #KendallJones are out there we want and will pay for sex stories or info about her"

"I have no issue buying a[sic] ad in any paper advertising for nude photos, ex boyfriends, any dirt on #kendalljones"

"Who's got nude photos or a sex tape of #KendallJones the cheerleader at Texas tech. She kills Animals. 100k reward"

"Does #KendallJones use vegetables as sex toys? Does she enjoy being spanked? We want to know."

Dickinson apparently does not currently hold any political office. His Twitter bio says "Left wing liberal campaigning for Congress in the 7th Congressional District of Virginia."

While Dickinson believes that he has a shot in the next elections, He has not been nominated by the 7th Congressional District Democratic Party and his name won't be on the ballot.


Article previously Publish on: Jul 10, 2014 by Dawn Jones on

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