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Political Decisions Impact Our Lives, As Travelers Often Learn

Politics Determines How We Live Our Lives as the People of Ukraine Soon Learned
Politics Determines How We Live Our Lives as the People of Ukraine Soon Learned
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

While politics seems to be just a bunch of People talking about a bunch of stuff no one wants to hear about, the decisions of influential men and women in the political world are felt far and wide. Not only do political leaders decide how the public policies and issues that impact our lives are addressed, their policies directly impact how we live our lives. The effects of the political world are particularly obvious when it comes to doing things like traveling outside of one’s home country.

For those globe trekkers doing business and vacationing near Ukraine in early 2014, internal civil unrest and Russia’s overly aggressive reaction to its failed bid to coerce the Ukrainian People into serving its interests created a very real threat to the safety of travelers. This and other potential life threatening scenarios often leave travelers with the need to suddenly cancel their travel plans. Meanwhile, disruptions created by political figures can also leave travelers already away from home stranded in life threatening places.

Furthermore, severe weather events, which are increasingly more common in more places as the 2013-2014 Winter demonstrated, can also disrupt a traveler’s plans, especially when political leaders fail to adequately prepare for such situations. How governments respond to natural disasters directly impacts our ability to travel. As such, the failures of governments can easily lead to the loss of nonrefundable reservations or leave travelers in need of rescue.

Fortunately, travelers can guard against these and personal issues, such as illness, the death of a loved one, and other emergencies, with products like trip interruption insurance and emergency evacuation plans. That said, traveling amid an unfolding political crisis does present some very real hazards for travelers that they must be aware of and guard against. Clearly, travelers experience the ripple effects of political conflicts and the failures of the political class to address real world issues first hand, disruptions to travel plans serve as just one example of how politics affects our daily lives.