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Political Correctness is dangerous not correct

Political Correctness is dangerous not correct. The phrase political correctness entered our lexicon approximately 30 years ago. The idea was supposed to caution people of what to say or do publicly so as not to offend. The liberal media and education professionals formulated the notion no to criticize certain groups or individuals because they may be disadvantaged. The media wouldn’t dare criticize minorities and the rampant crime in their communities, when the minorities are suffering greatly as victims of violent crime.

Over the years, even if a researcher or commentator is stating facts, he can be excoriated for exposing an issue. For instance, stating that 73% of Black children are born out of wedlock and Blacks comprise of 52% of the prison population. The politically correct crowd will launch an assault on that commentator. The facts are irrefutable.

The politically correctness has driven the mainline media to absolute corruption. They haven’t honestly reported the Obamacare debacle and the disastrous rollout where nearly 6 million people have lost their health insurance and now the growing number of people being denied medical care. They have refused to expose the administration’s blatant lies about people able to keep their insurance plans and the perpetual lies about the extensions and exemptions.

Earlier this month, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan appeared on The Morning in America Radio Program. He had commented the current economic conditions were hurting the poor and the government entitlement programs were creating a culture of people not interested in working. He did not mention race or class. Yet, race hustlers like Al Sharpton and the liberal media went into a tirade and accused Ryan of being an insensitive racist. Ryan during the interview even said, ‘We must help these people.’ Ryan’s statement about helping people never was reported by the corrupt politically correct crowd.

Al Sharpton is one of the most insensitive racists on this planet. He filed a false police report accusing a White man of raping a Black woman. The story was completely false. His punishment is hosting a show on NBC, the once proud network, which employed broadcasting giants Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. Sharpton has difficulty putting a sentence together. We at the Oakland Examiner are still trying to diagram what, “Resist, we much,” means.

California Senator Barbara Boxer lied when she stated 98% of Catholic women practiced birth control when she was commenting on the Hobby Lobby case recently argued before the Supreme Court. Being Catholic and counting the offspring of my grandmothers, my mother and aunts, I knew that figure was completely false without even researching. The more accurate figure is 60%, a far cry from 98%. The politically correct minions never refuted Boxer.

The crux of the Hobby Lobby case is about religious freedom not women’s health care as the politically correct crowd erroneously reports. But the truth and people like Boxer are antithetical of each other.

The peril of political correctness is ignoring what is really happening in the world. We have a president completely timid and oblivious of the threat Russian President Putin is foisting on Eastern Europe. Political Correctness is neither correct nor polite.

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