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Political bullying

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Political bullying

Our Congressional politicians are supposed to be wise, lawmakers, budget makers, problem-solvers, diplomats, etc. Many of them have simply become bullies, using lying, manipulating, yelling, anger, attitudes of might means right, abusing power, name calling, attacking, laughing at people, threats; goals of harming or intimidating, social aggression, controlling and dominating.

Bullying and threats have now produced a sequestration budget federally. Our lawmakers can’t even produce an efficient, effective budget. An across-the-board budget cut, with no analysis of how to do it in a quality way, is the stupidest move we have seen in a long time. Also,lawmakers use tactics of passing laws and new programming, and then don’t fund them, or defund them. It is political maneuvering.

I work for federal judges. We are victims of the sequestration budget, as are all federal programs except the military, Pentagon, and a few other political favorites. We have across the board cuts, and a stand-still budget, cannot replace judges who retire or leave, and important staff who retire. If you think you are now going to get your swift day in court, think again. We have had several judges retire, with no replacements. We serve a region, with many southern states covered. If you live out of our town, in another state, and you think our judges are going to get to you in a timely manner, think again. Our travel budget has been reduced, not increased, as the number of cases increase. Our Constitution requires a timely day in court, etc., but our lawmakers thumb their nose at the Constitution with across-the-board cuts. Congress created new Whistleblower laws and procedures. Our judges preside over those cases. Now Congress is not fully funding the offices meant to enforce those laws/procedures.

If you think you want LESS government, you need to study all the federal programs that enforce laws, your rights, your safety, and your safety net. Bullying targets the poor, women, weaker and at-risk populations, to support their push towards defunding government. They don’t talk about how all of us, the average American is affected by a defunded, inefficient, ineffective central government. Congresspeople are supposed to study and be aware of federal programming; strengths, weaknesses, needs, etc., and represent the federal government regarding pushing for efficiency, and effectiveness, and enforcing the Constitution and laws. Government staff cannot lobby. It is against the law. Government does not have million dollar lobbyists, as the private sector does, to push and influence Congress. We depend on competent Congresspeople, and an informed and advocating public. Sequestration came about due to bullying, threatening, obstructionism, power gone astray, fear mongering, and the inability of lots of people to govern effectively.

We, as citizens, have a responsibility to stay informed by intelligent sources, and elect intelligent, informed, non-bullies to do their job in Washington, and then to write to them, etc., watch them and try to insure they are doing what is best for this country, as well as for their states. Many issues are federal issues and initiatives that must or should be done on a national level, for the good of the union.

Believe it or not, our Congresspeople are supposed to form workable, respectful relationships with one another, so that they can govern effectively. They are not supposed to be bullies. Those bullies are probably also bullies in their other relationships, and form cultures of bullying. We need to put a stop to bullying at all levels.