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Polish your resume and put it where the right people will see it

Best place to post your updated resume
Best place to post your updated resume

With the new year, now is the time to breathe new life into your resume and reach out into new areas that will help start you on the right path towards securing that much coveted job or new career. The economy appears to be improving somewhat, but don't let that lull you into a sense of not having to think outside the box anymore in your search for that perfect work life. The internet is here to stay and you must learn to take advantage of it. Social networking sites are invaluable to those seeking new employment.

One of the best places on the Internet for women looking for sustainable careers is LinkedIn. Face book and Twitter are fine, but all the business people are on LinkedIn and you need to take advantage of that. LinkedIn is the number one resource where employers go to identify a great job candidate. If you haven't already registered, do so today. Carve out an interesting profile that shows you at your best and lists your skills and experience for potential employers to see.

Your profile should be personal, engaging, and conversational. If you think you can write it yourself, you might want to take a look at an example of two to get you started. One example of an excellant profile is that of Guy Kawasaki, well-known marketing and internet expert who has admitted to getting help from an executive at LinkedIn. His LinkedIn profile is an excellant example and may be of help to you. If he needed help, you might benefit from a little help too.

If you are not a good writer, I would suggest hiring one. There are a lot of writers out there and a lot more of them than usual are probably looking for some extra cash about this time. Refer them to Kawasaki's profile and ask that they utilize your profile of professional accomplishments and create a profile for you that exudes power, confidence, experience and expertise. And you want to be engaging, not dry as a pile of dust, while doing it. A good writer can achieve that for you.

If you’re currently unemployed, The LinkedIn Blog » Getting Back-to-Business Checklist for Job Hunters suggests listing your current position as “open to opportunities.” Good idea.


  • Profile picture of Julia Hanna
    Julia Hanna 4 years ago

    I have thought about revamping my Linkedin profile, and now I might just have to.

  • Profile picture of Nancy Hinchliff
    Nancy Hinchliff 4 years ago

    Julia, I think that's a good idea, especially if you're looking for a job or if your skills and experience have been updated. Are you working full time now? You can also make some new connections there. Networking on the Internet is so important now.

  • Profile picture of Julia Hanna
    Julia Hanna 4 years ago

    I work full time between two jobs, so I would not feel comfortable listing my work history. What I will use linked in for is to promote my websites, and upcoming novel.