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Polis: "America was dealt a double blow" with failure to repeal DADT, pass DREAM

Congressman Jared Polis
Congressman Jared Polis
Library of Congress

Democratic Congressman Jared Polis issued a statement yesterday expressing his disappointment about Congress's failure to pass two important bills: the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the passage of the DREAM act, which would have opened a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who serve in the military or attend college.

"Today America was dealt a double blow. I am disappointed to see that despite the concerted efforts of the Administration and House of Representatives, the Senate was unable to end this dishonorable law that requires members of our military to lie to their commanding officers. . . The Senate’s failure also marked another wasted opportunity to reform our broken immigration system. The failure to pass the DREAM Act—for the 5th straight Congress—is indicative of how extremists have hijacked the debate surrounding immigration."

The first openly gay member elected to the House as a freshman, Polis has worked hard to protect the rights of the LGBT community.

The push to repeal DADT has gained traction this year. In February, Pentagon officials expressed their support for overturning the policy. Earlier this month, a federal judge in California ruled that DADT violated gay and lesbian servicemembers' rights to free expression and due process. Yesterday's vote was 56-43, with all Republicans against proceeding to vote on the repeal of DADT; Arkansas Democratic Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor joined the Republicans. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also voted no for procedural reasons: as the Senate leader, if he votes with the majority he can reopen the vote at a later time. Polis expressed faith that legal precedent could still result in DADT's repeal: "As Congress has failed to act, it is now up to the President to uphold his promise to end DADT by not appealing California Federal District Court Judge Virginia Phillips’ recent ruling.”

The DREAM act's passage would have opened a 6-year conditional path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants: requirements for citizenship would include the immigrant obtain a college degree or serve two years in the military. Like the DADT repeal, the DREAM act vote was filibustered.


  • Kelly Nelson 4 years ago

    Man that is just so sad. After all the great strides are country had been making these past few years, it is just super disappointing to see this happen. I've never been so disappointed in our country's leaders/representatives as I am today.

  • wilberry 4 years ago

    baa baaaa the sheep follow each other baaaa baaaa

  • Vote Him Out ! 4 years ago

    Thank Harry Reid for his arrogance and selfishness that both these failed. He should not have put those in a defense bill. I am all for repealing DADT because it is discriminatory to gays in the military and just plain silly. The Dream Act should have failed, as it is just another attempt at amnesty. Again, attempting to let illegals get off scott-free. Reid used these 2 issues to try to gain votes - not because he really cared. That guy is scum and I hope he loses his shorts big time in November. He cares only about himself and the Dems crazy agenda, not the will of the people. He has GOT TO GO ALONG WITH PELOSI !!

  • wilberry 4 years ago

    its all moot the illumiati , the skull and bones the hidden elite control everything like in " eyes wide shut " it is possible we are being fooled ? and who are the KOCH brothers anyway ?

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