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Polina Edmunds thanks USA fans who supported her: ‘Most amazing time’ (photos)

Polina Edmunds performs in the Olympic figure skating at the Sochi Olympics
Polina Edmunds performs in the Olympic figure skating at the Sochi Olympics
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Polina Edmunds is getting ready to leave Sochi after an amazing time in Russia. The young figure skater was part of Team USA in the Olympic figure skating competition and was a solid performer. While the athlete didn’t medal, she did make her mark on the ice. Offering two beautiful programs for fans to watch and plenty of grace, the athlete seemed very comfortable. According to the Washington Post on Thursday the athlete earned season high marks at the Olympics.

“So I had the most amazing time competing on Olympic ice... Thank you to everyone who has supported me…” tweeted Polina Edmunds from her official Twitter account on Thursday.

While Polina Edmunds didn’t get a medal, her future is definitely going to be bright. With hard work and dedication the athlete will be seen again in the Olympics in 2018 or beyond. Offering grace and focus the star seemed to really share her passion of figure skating with the world and the fans loved it.

Hopefully Polina Edmunds will get to do a little sightseeing before she leaves Russia. The birthplace of her mother, the star and her family might be hoping to check out the country a little bit and enjoy a vacation. Of course her fans and classmates will be happy when she gets home too. The youngster comes from San Jose, California and everyone has been following her journey very closely!