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2014 Winter Olympics

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Polina Edmunds practices in Germany for Sochi Olympics; tweets selfie on ice

Polina Edmunds  practices in Germany
Polina Edmunds /Twitter

Polina Edmunds doesn’t have the distraction of the Sochi Olympics quite yet. The 2014 Winter Games are looking good for the athlete, but before she arrives she wanted to have a little more training. On Thursday the Team USA member shared where she was and it’s obvious she is fine-tuning her performance before arriving in Russia.

“Training today in Munich, Germany -- practicing my ballet on ice!” tweeted Polina Edmunds from her official Twitter account. Attaching a picture to her message, the star of the ice reminded everyone just how serious she was about going for the gold.

Polina Edmunds knows her journey to the 2014 Olympics is special and every detail looks to be handled carefully. Taking time to prepare her mind and focus for the Olympics makes perfect sense. The young athlete needs to be mentally and physically ready for what she finds in Sochi. Knowing her competition will be looking to medal as well, it’s definitely important to have every element ready for an epic showdown when she hits the ice.

When will Polina Edmunds get to Sochi? Many fans expect the athlete to march at the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday, but the athlete has been tight lipped on whether she will be joining the team for the big moment.

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