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2014 Winter Olympics

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Polina Edmunds offers a look from Sochi; poses with Olympic mascot (photo)

Polina Edmunds poses with the Olympic mascots in Sochi
Polina Edmunds poses with the Olympic mascots in Sochi
Polina Edmunds /Twitter

American figure skaters are getting ready for some serious competition this week. The Olympic figure skating event will have everyone looking at Sochi as the ladies take the ice for what is expected to be a highly contested medal race. Only days before the competition, it appears that all the American figure skaters are in the Olympic Village. According to USA Today on Saturday Polina Edmunds decided not to come to Sochi for the Opening Ceremony as she wanted to continue to practice in Austria.

Now that the competition is getting closer, the figure skating athlete is in Sochi and getting ready for competition. On Saturday she even shared a picture of her hanging out with an Olympic mascot in the Olympic Village. All smiles and looking good, it appears the star is delighted she is finally in Russia.

The pressure of being part of the Olympics has to be tough, but Polina Edmunds couldn’t be happier to be in her mother’s homeland. The figure skater’s mom was born in Russia and moved to America. Polina Edmunds feels a connection to the country and that bond might help her win. Of course another factor in winning to consider is that the athlete has been focused on her skating and that might give her a needed edge over her competitors.