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2014 Winter Olympics

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Polina Edmunds meets Yuna Kim backstage before Olympic figure skating (photo)

Polina Edmunds meets Kim Yuna
Polina Edmunds/Twitter

Polina Edmunds was the star on the ice when she performed at the Olympic figure skating short program on Wednesday night. The athlete was strong and gave a performance that showcased her best techniques. The program was judged by the Olympic judges and she ended up in seventh place with a score of 61.04. While the figure skater had to be pleased, it might have been who she met backstage that made her Olympic moment amazing. Polina Edmunds shared a picture with her fans that she met Yuna Kim.

“It's all about that yellow. Yay for an official picture Yuna Kim!” tweeted Polina Edmunds from her official Twitter account on Wednesday. Referencing the yellow, the figure skater was pointing out that she and Yuna were actually wearing the same color costumes seen on the ice.

Meeting Yuna Kim had to be a dream come true for any athlete competing in figure skating. The Vancouver Olympic champion has shown some amazing ability on the ice and give people so much joy in her performances over the years.

Polina Edmunds is just beginning her Olympic career, but she has many years ahead in the sport. In her Olympic debut at the Sochi Olympics the star gets to meet a legendary figure skater and even gets to perform. Guess that would make Polina Edmunds extremely lucky!

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