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Policeman fired after killing German shepherd-pit bull mix in Chicago suburb

Apollo was shot and killed on July 25, 2014 by a Chicago suburban police officer.
Apollo was shot and killed on July 25, 2014 by a Chicago suburban police officer.
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A Chicago suburban police officer was fired from his job after having shot and killed a dog. The family dog which was shot and killed by an officer on Friday was a 16-month-old German shepherd-pit bull mix named Apollo, according to a CBS News report on Monday. As the story went down, Apollo ran away from home in the southwestern Chicago suburb of Hometown and the family contacted police to assist them in finding their pet.

Authorities reportedly arrived on the scene and found Apollo. They attempted coaxing the dog to go inside the owners’ home. The coaxing failed and the dog began to growl and approached an officer. The policeman then shot and killed the dog. Of grave concern was that the policeman killed the dog in front of the homeowner’s six-year-old little girl.

According to an ABC News report, the girl who witnessed the killing of her dog is Alexis Garnino. The ABC report says that she loves animals, and she was especially fond of Apollo. Besides the girl, Nicole Echlina was present during the shooting. The mother says that the officer showed no remorse after he hit the dog with one deadly gunshot.

Following the incident and the uprising from the family and members of the community over the incident, Charles Forsyth - the Hometown chief of police – took to the social media website Facebook. It was on the Internet that he explained his decision to take the officer - with fifteen years on the job – off the Hometown Police Department’s force. Forsyth stated that although the officer may have been justified under the Illinois Use of Force statute governing deadly force, he has made the decision to terminate that officer’s employment with the Hometown Police Department.

Additionally, the chief of police asserted that he is going to send the Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit all reports and witness’s statement related to the case so that the Unit may review everything.