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Police to speak with Pamela Anderson after sexual abuse allegations

This past weekend was an intense one for anyone that attended the Cannes Film Festival, especially if they were around when the bombshell dropped a bombshell. The Toronto Relationships Examiner previously reported that Pamela Anderson made a speech at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France this weekend announcing that she had a hard time "trusting humans" due to a series of sexual abuse incidents she suffered as a child. Today, CTV News reports on May 21 that Pamela may get some closure on those incidents, as Vancouver police wish to speak to Pamela so they can address the sexual abuse allegations appropriately.

In her moving speech this weekend Pamela bravely admitted experiences to a Cannes audience, and ultimately the world, that no woman ever wants to say out loud. She told her captive Cannes audience, "Sometimes when you smile, it's not because you are happy. It's because you are strong."

They are words that women and abuse victims everywhere can relate to. Now, according to the CTV and the CBC News, the police in Vancouver want to be sure that Pamela Anderson has a reason to smile that has nothing to do with just being strong.

People Magazine contacted Pamela's 'people' for a comment on the situation, and were given the standard "no comment" response from her rep. But the response from the world after the Baywatch babe's speech has been extremely supportive. From women's groups to survivor groups to abuse victims groups, Pamela has touched lives with her courage and unshaking strength by standing up and sharing these experiences so publicly.

During her speech Pamela discussed how she launched her work with animals because they were the only creatures she could trust, the most vulnerable. She also discussed how difficult relationships were during her life. Her 4 marriages are just a few of the relationships that have marked her challenged love life.

Pamela was first married to Tommy Lee in 1995 after reportedly knowing him for a total of 96 days. They had two children together and divorced in 1998. Pamela's second husband was Kid Rock whom she was married to between 2006 and 2007. In 2007 she married her third husband Rick Saloman. They wound up getting divorced, but in January of this year they reunited and are currently still married.

Lenore Kennedy who works with the Victoria, BC Sexual Assault Centre is hoping that Anderson's words and act of bravado will inspire other victims and survivors to break the silence and end their own cycle of torture and abuse. Kennedy told the CBC that sexual abuse occurs in approximately 1 in 3 Canadian women.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment out of Ladysmith, BC has stated they will be making contact with Pamela Anderson to address the allegations. In respect for Pamela's privacy, the RCMP are also not commenting further at this time on whether or not an investigation will result.

What was your reaction to the Pamela Anderson bombshell?

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