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Police taser unarmed man, beat up girl lying on the ground

Police gear
Police gear
AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes


  • Stacy Litz 6 years ago

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  • Kent McManigal- 6 years ago

    Government LEOs have a very inflated opinion of their importance. A badge and a gun are a deadly combination, and when you add a layer of legal protection when evil acts, including murder, are committed you are just begging for trouble. I don't need cops, and neither does anyone else. In fact I have realized that cops CAUSE crime.

  • Rick 6 years ago

    I actually called on the police for help yesterday and had a very disturbing result. there was an individual driving erratic through a construction zone. besides running me off the road he came within inches of the workers due to reading papers instead of watching the road (even after I honked). So I call 911 and described his car, then mine with license numbers. They ask if I woudl stay in front and call if he turned off. so being a good citizen, I did. Guess who then gets pulled over? that's right! I told the officer that he had just let the culprit pass and I was the one to call. he apologized, but I am thankful that it wasn't an armed intruder in my house, otherwise I would have been the one shot! Way to go Barney Fife!

  • Jennifer Chou, Anti-Establishment Examiner 6 years ago

    Rick, your comment about the armed intruder is no exaggeration. That exact thing happened to a guy named Tony Arambula. He had cornered an intruder in his home, and his wife told the police (several times) her husband was the one with the gun, and had cornered the intruder. The police came in and shot Arambula a bunch of times and dragged him out of the house by his feet.

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