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Police surveillance cameras on every corner in every state of America illegally

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Police surveillance cameras on every corner in every state of America illegally spying on citizens.

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America is without a doubt being turned into a pure Orwellian 1984 police state dictatorial tyranny right out in the open publicly complete with TSA illegal check points in every state and NSA surveillance spying on Americans NDAA (The National Defense Authorization act) that gives the U.S. Government the ability outside of constitution Law to detain American Citizens indefinitely without trial and without notifying family of the rendition style kidnaping you just disappear forever no trial phone call no lawyer.
Predator drones have been legalized and authorized for use in U.S. sky’s to spy on the American people outside of Constitutional law.
Google which is a branch of the NSA has been buying up robotics companies that are just days away from creating humanoid military terminator drones to deal with the American population when the unrest starts i.e. protesters, rioters and patriot groups who are now listed as domestic terrorist groups via the Patriot act which is abject tyranny and treason on its face if anyone ever cared to read a bill that’s written by real corporate terrorists and fast-tracked through the senate and congress.
This a take over of America and its happening at break neck speed everyone who’s paying attention is in absolute awe with our mouths hanging open while we witness the crimes of the establishment and what their getting away with every day and the child like level of excuse’s, explanation’s and blatant admissions of guilt that go amazingly unpunished it’s the century of no accountability in America and worldwide Iraq illegal war, Afghanistan, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Yemen, IRS Abuse of powers, Domestic spying, Civilian Drone killings, Arming and funding Alqeada in Libya and Syria, False Flags like the Boston bombing and Sandy hook, Lies that cost like Obamacare if you like your Healthcare plan you can keep it or that the Government doesn’t spy on American citizens or foreign leaders like Angela merkel or the Government doesn’t want to take your Guns and get rid of the second amendment while arming and funding terror groups in Syria etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
When will enough be enough or is the United States destined for a Neo draconian technocratic martial law police state tyrannical dictatorship that will ultimately lead back to slavery but this time slavery of the entire population of America and then the world and unsurprisingly this agenda is real and its called the NEW WORLD ORDER.

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