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Police stop petitions from being signed on public property in Baltimore

Catalina Byrd's campaign to get on to Baltimore's general election ballot (for mayor) took another interesting twist today. The police stopped members of Byrd's campaign staff from collecting petition signatures on public property. You should definitely read Byrd's description of the situation here.

If Catalina Byrd does not get on the ballot at least she can say that she exposed some of the political ignorance of Baltimore. Some of the excuses Team Byrd has received for not signing the petition are just ignorant. How can she be trying to "split the black vote" in the general election where there are no white candidates running? She is trying to split the white vote as much as she is trying to split the black vote. She (like any sane candidate) wants to get as many votes as possible in order to WIN the election. She is not doing this to help some mysterious nonexistent white candidate.

There is irony in what the police did. For some reason they were trying to stifle freedom (freedom of speech), on the other hand Catalina Byrd's campaign is about increasing the number of candidates on the general election ballot. The end of the one party system in Baltimore means more freedom. The people who say Byrd is hurting her own race are totally wrong. What is bad about giving Black (and White) people another choice?


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