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Police in Spartanburg shoot, kill dog that was attacking another dog

Dog killed by Spartanburg Police
Dog killed by Spartanburg Police
Fox Carolina

A police officer in South Carolina shot and killed a dog to save the life of another dog, Fox Carolina reported June 8.

Spartanburg police were called to the Fulton Avenue home of an elderly woman, where a neighbor's pit bull had dug a hole under their common fence. The pit bull attacked her pit bull, biting it in the throat and mouth area.

According to an incident report, the responding officer arrived to find a brindle coated pit bull biting the property owners dog. The officer shot the attacking dog three times, killing the dog and stopping the attack.

The owner of the dog killed was located, and agreed she will be responsible for the costs of veterinary treatment of the dog attacked. No word is available as to whether the owner will be ticketed.