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Police shoot, kill 2 pit bulls attacking girl: Girl's face and jaw pulled apart

Police officers shot and killed two pit bull dogs who were attacking a six-year-old little girl. The incident was caught on the police cruiser cam as they cops pull up to this horrendous sight in a Cincinnati neighborhood, according to WCPO News 9 on June 6.

Police shot and kill two pit bulls who attacked little girl and almost tore her jaw off.
YouTube screen shot/ Cinncinatti Police Cam

The police jump out to help the girl, but they couldn't shoot at the dogs immediately because they ran a risk of hitting the child with a bullet. One police officer went around to the dogs side and the dog dropped the little girl and lunged at the cop, who was then able to have a clear shot at the dog.

According to USA Today, The child's mother beat the dogs with a baseball bat to try and get the dogs off the little girl before police arrived. The child's grandfather said that he had pulled up in his car just as this was occurring.

He said he could see one of the dogs pulling his "grandbaby" down the street by her head. He saw his daughter, the girls mother, going at the dogs with a bat trying to get them away from the little girl. He credit's the mother for keeping his granddaughter, Zainabou Drame, alive.

The other dog ran around the side of a house and the police officer that followed the dog, soon became the dogs next intended victim. The officer was able to shoot that dog before it attacked him.

What the officers saw when they pulled up at this scene was traumatic, so much so, that one of the officers is finding hard to sleep after witnessing what the dogs did to little Zainabou Drame.

Not wanting to get too graphic, Officer Kyle Strunk said that when they pulled up he saw the bigger of the two dogs with the child's head in its mouth thrashing the child back and forth. He said he cannot get that scene out of his head.

One of the other officers said that the dogs had mutilated the little girl's face and that they would have to "basically put her face back on" at the hospital. The girl's aunt described what the dogs did to her little niece as "gruesome." Gina Tyus, Zainabou's aunt said:

"Both the dogs, one on each side, latched onto her face and ripped her jaw almost completely off. It was broken to the point where you could actually pull it away from her face."

Strunk is the officer finding it hard to sleep after witnessing the mauling of this innocent child. The police who were on the scene were heartsick over what the dogs did to this child. Strunk said:

"It’s really indescribable and something no person should ever have to see and something we’ll never forget."

He continued talking about the innocent little girl who didn't deserve for any of this to happen to her saying:

“When you see a child, an innocent child that’s done nothing wrong and done nothing to deserve any pain, when you see what you saw yesterday, it’s certainly something you’ll never forget."

One of the other officers held the seriously injured little girl in his arms until the paramedics arrived. Zainabou is listed in critical condition at an area hospital. She had serious wounds to her face and neck, police report.

The video of this attack has gone viral, as you can see the police jumping out of the car never once thinking about their own safety around these vicious dogs. They run to the child's aid and put themselves in danger while doing so. The video has gone viral.

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