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Police shoot and kill family's elderly pit bull

Dog shot and killed by the police
Dog shot and killed by the police
Screen shot WSOCT News

A woman in Charlotte, N.C., is mourning the death of her 11-year-old pit bull who was shot and killed by a plain clothes police officer on Wednesday, reported WSOCTV News.

Dianna McCullough, owner of the deceased pit bull whose name was "Katrina," believes that her dog was shot because she is a pit bull - the Gaston County detective who killed the dog insists that the dog was behaving in an aggressive manner.

Two detectives were at McCullough's residence on Wednesday morning to question the woman's sister about an incident that had taken place the night before. According to the Charlotte Observer, Katrina and the family's other dog, a Labrador retriever, had been let out for a potty break in the backyard just before the officers walked into the area.

The authorities stated that the dog:

“approached the detectives in a manner deemed by the detectives to be aggressive. One detective fired his gun, striking the pit bull, who later died of the injury.

The dog's owner believes that it was the breed, rather than the deed, which sealed Katrina's fate:

She was like a senior citizen dog,”

“She was a good girl. She didn’t bark. She didn’t bite. This family’s dog has been shot and killed senselessly. She didn’t do anything wrong, except she was born a pit bull.”

After the dog was shot and killed, the two detectives left the property, allegedly having never advised the family which department they were with. Later, the Gaston County Police confirmed that the officers involved in the incident were from their department.

The shooting is currently being investigated to see if there was any wrong-doing on the part of the police officers.

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