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Police: Separated Ohio mother shoots and kills sons, then self

Separated Ohio mother kills two sons then kills herself.
Separated Ohio mother kills two sons then kills herself.
Stuart Miles

According to the Springfield News-Sun, Rachel Johnson, 31 of Ohio, fatally shot and killed her two sons, 10 and 7, then shot herself Wednesday. Springfield schools were two weeks into the opening of the 2014-15 school year, and tragedy struck on Burt Road in a working neighborhood. The mother and boys were found by their father who had come to pick them up for school that morning.

Police consider this case a murder-suicide because the boys were killed and then the killer (mother) turned the gun on herself. The father, Arthur Johnson, was greeted with a bloody scene when he entered the home where the mother and boys were. According to Arthur Johnsons' mother, the couple had been separated, but were trying to work things out.

Rachel and Arthur Johnson had been together 11 years, but had not been married a year. They were married September 14, 2013. Arthur Johnson said that the boys, Ayden, 10 and Daylan, 7, were laying on the bed with their mother in between them, and that there were photographs of the couple's wedding all over the room around them.

Neighbors say there were no signs of any issues or depression with the mom, and that she was always smiling, and playing with the boys. Her (mother's) car had broken down the day before, which is why the dad came to pick the boys up for school. This tragedy has struck the Springfield community very hard because of the murder-suicide and two young boys involved.

Two beautiful young boy's lives have been taken and a mother is gone. Life is fragile, you never know when tragedy will break out in your community. Our thoughts and prayers reach out to the Springfield community. Counselors were available at Springfield schools and district to provide support and assistance where needed.