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Police seeking Ohio man's missing penis

The Daily News reported today that Cleveland police officers had closed off a section of highway early Friday morning to look for a missing penis. On Thursday, Kelvin Hewitt, 40, was found alongside the A66 dual carriageway in Middlesbrough. An unidentified assailant had severed Hewitt’s penis; he was taken to the hospital and placed into a medically-induced coma. Hewitt regained consciousness on Friday, but was in too much pain to discuss details with cops.

Cleveland police closed off a section of highway to find man's missing penis.
Daily News website

Officers closed off a section of the highway to find the man’s severed penis. The article reports that gypsies may have targeted Hewitt for sleeping with someone else’s girlfriend in a nearby gypsy camp, but this isn’t confirmed.

Dr. Raj Persad, a urologist, told the Daily News that a new penis can be created if the original cannot be located. The shocking story is a grim reminder of an infamous penis severing case from 1993. On June 23, 1993, Lorena Bobbitt severed husband John’s penis and tossed it outside her car window. After authorities found Bobbitt’s penis, surgeons successfully reattached it.

Bobbitt recovered from the incident and had a brief career as a pornography star. Hewitt, the father of seven children, remains hospitalized and is recovering from the attack.

Read More details about this horrific crime at the Daily News website.

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