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Police seek Joe Budden for abuse and stealing his ex-girlfriends cell phone

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Rap artist and TV reality star, Joe Budden is being sought by the New York Police Department. The N.Y. Daily News reports that on August 18, 2014, Joe stole his ex-girlfriends cell phone and twisted her arm. The NYPD sent out Joe’s picture. They asked the public for information on where they could find him.

This did not set well with the “Love and Hip Hop"star. On August 23, 2014, Joe tweeted “I’m gonna sue the living s--- out of u gentleman,” followed by another explicit tweet. Later, he tweeted that they could find him in Astoria at the strip club that night.”

Joe allegedly drove to a restaurant in Washington Heights where he found his ex girlfriend at 4:30 a.m. eating with some friends. A source told, “The rapper reportedly flew into a rage after seeing Instagram pictures of his ex-girlfriend clubbing with other men. The woman had broken up with Budden because he was “cheating and hooking up with strippers.”

The source goes on to say that he bashed her head into his dashboard before driving to his house. After arriving at his place, he drug her out of the car, kicking and screaming. He punched her and kicked her repeatedly on the ground. They made their way inside his home, where he allegedly choked her until she thought he was going to kill her. Somehow she escaped to call police.

However, according to police sources, the only abuse he did to her was to twist her arm.

Joe’s lawyer, Nima Ameri, said, "(He) has fully cooperated with the investigation. Mr. Budden asks for patience as the evidence and facts unfold to demonstrate the truth of his involvement and the real events that transpired on the night in question.”