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Police say family killed newlyweds: Bride and groom savagely killed by relatives

Pakistan family killed newlyweds, police say.
Pakistan family killed newlyweds, police say.
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Police say a family killed newlyweds after they were lured to the bride's family home. Their plan was deadly and grory. The bride and groom were decapitated in what is being referred to as an honor killing. UPI reports June 29 that the incident happened in Satrah on Thursday.

18-year-old Muawia Bibi and 26-year-old Sajjad Ahmed, got married on June 18. Bibi's family was strongly against the nuptials, Punjab police official Mohammad Ahsanullah said.

Bibi's family in Satrah coaxed the newlyweds back to their village where they tied both of them up and killed them. After the decapitation, the family turned themselves into police.

National Post reports that the Pakistan newlyweds were killed by five people. They are Sajjad Ahmed, 31, and Muafia Bibi, 17, and the bride’s father and grandfather. The father yelled loudly to the rest of the family that he was going to slit the throat of his daughter and her husband. He wanted the children to watch so they see what happens when they "make their own choices" over who they want to marry.

Local police chief, Muhammad Pervaiz, said this of the torturous murder:

"It is a case of honor killing. The couple were not beheaded, but were killed with the knives and had severe signs of torture on their heads."

Muhammad Ijaz, someone who runs a mobile phone app store in Pakistan, knows how the family killed the newlyweds. He adds:

"Their legs and arms were tied while their mouths were gagged with pieces of cloth. The father of the girl announced loudly that he was going to slit the throat of her daughter and her husband."

Satrah is reportedly in close proximity to Sialkot, a city in an area "known for its conservative customs and where women have little value beyond their worth as a bride," the report stated.

Violence in this part of the world is unimaginable for most "civilized" nations. It's hard to grasp how a family can possibly murder their own like this simply because they wanted to be with someone they love.

The Pakistan family who killed the newlyweds believe what this did is right. How do you feel about the family that killed the newlyweds?

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