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Police rush to Eric Cantor concession after brawl nearly erupts

The biggest upset in political primary history was just the begin after chaos erupted following Eric Cantor's concession speech.

Eric Cantor was shockingly defeated in his primary and a brawl nearly occurred after his concession speech.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Taking for granted his congressional seat, Eric Cantor sipped on a Starbucks coffee Tuesday morning hoping to rely on his massive money advantage. Hours after the caffeine in his coffee wore off, Eric Cantor was defeated by his Tea Party challenger, David Brat. It was the first time such a high valued official, Cantor is the House Majority leader, was defeated in a primary race.

Once reality became clear, Eric Cantor gave a short speech to his supporters in a hotel ballroom in Richmond, Virginia. After Cantor's speech had concluded and he left the event, a group of immigration activists stormed through the ballroom waving a flag while screaming “What do we want? Immigration reform! When do we want it? Now!”

According to the Washington Post, the activists clashed with Cantor supporters who creamed “get a job!” as the situation border-lined on violence.

"A few Cantor supporters tried to block the protesters’ entrance into the ballroom, and pushing and shoving ensued. And before they reached the microphone, one Cantor supporter threw his glass of wine at a female protester. She swore at him in return.

A hotel employee took the microphone Cantor had used and told the protesters in Spanish that the police were on their way."

Immigration reform was one of the key issues many believe caused Cantor's downfall as Brat holds strong anti-immigration views. David Brat will be challenged by Democrat Jack Trammell in November in the heavily conservative district.

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