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Police patrol Clinton River in yellow kayaks

The Macomb Daily


  • Willi Gutmann 5 years ago

    I forgot to mention Marc Hackel is seeking election in November for Macomb County’s first ever county executive. The kayaking patrol is a bit of a stunt since there is only a few weeks left in the regular paddling season for most folks in 2010 ..

  • Profile picture of Drew Denny
    Drew Denny 5 years ago


  • River Stalker 5 years ago

    "Magically Pops Up" he he he. I believe the deputies presents on the river are unwanted by all people that paddle the river, at least all the ones I talked to so far. What if the deputies "determine" the water is too high for them to patrol? Will that mean they will "close the river" because it is unsafe? They DID hassle people trying to paddled during the big flood. Hopefully it's all PR and we will never see them on the river again. Fortunately "their" section starts at Dequinre, the take-out for the good section. Being west of Dequindre puts them in Oakland County, so, hopefully they can't hassle you till you go under the bridge.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Sounds like you're not a big fan of Hackel or the sheriff's dept.

  • Profile picture of Willi Gutmann
    Willi Gutmann 5 years ago

    Where were those kayaks when the body of David Allen Widlak was being searched for along the Clinton River late September 2010 ? Helicopters, bicycles, 4 wheelers, and 100's of Macomb county resources were used BUT no kayaks....why ? The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office combed the banks of the Clinton River next to the YMCA on North River Road in Mt. Clemens, but not one of those bright yellow kayaks was to be seen ......hmmmmm ? Still sounds like a PR stunt to me.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Public forum regarding Clinton River coming up in November , 2010

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