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Police officers will likely receive new training after barking dog is killed

Dog shot and killed by police
Dog shot and killed by police

Officers with the Michigan police department responsible for shooting and killing a dog who was forgotten outside in St. Clair Shores by an elderly man with dementia, will likely receive updated training following the dog's death, reported Sunday's publication of Macomb Daily.

In early December, the dog, named "Lexie," had been put outside by her guardian's grandfather, who was watching the dog while Brittany Preston was at work.

Tragically, the elderly man forgot that Lexie was outside and the dog began to bark at the man's door in an effort to get back inside. The barking led neighbors to phone the police and things deteriorated from there.

Responding officers questioned the senior about the 45-pound dog and the man said that Lexie was not his - the response led the officers to believe that the dog was a stray.

Lexie's life was ended when police say that she began to bark aggressively at them and they were unable to contain her; the dog was shot multiple times and taken away by an animal control officer, still alive, to a waiting truck.

Lexie died a short time later.

Mayor Kip Walby spoke about the tragic incident at city council meeting on Jan. 6, noting that the investigation into the shooting is nearly complete:

We are going to come back with either changes in policies and procedures or training,

The actions of the animal control officer, who allegedly dragged the mortally wounded dog to the animal control truck and left her to bleed out, are also being reviewed.

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