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Police officers save choking dog with pliers

Police officer rescues choking dog
Screen shot via WMUR News

A small dog in Farmington, N.H., was saved by several resourceful police officers and a pair of pliers, reported Tuesday's WMUR News.

Things got dicey for a Pomeranian mix named "Mit," on Saturday night when he decided to swallow his nightly dental bone without chewing.

Mit's guardian, Nicole Dale, and Dale's mother, were unable to pry the bone out of the seven-year-old dog's throat and they feared that the veterinarian was too far away, so they hustled Mit to the only other place that they could think of to get help...the police station.

Officer Thomas McNaulty answered the door and found Mit in the arms of his worried guardian.

McNaulty recounted the woman's words:

“She said the dog was choking and asked if I knew the Heimlich maneuver for canines, which I don’t know,”

It was in distress, struggling to breathe.

Saving Mit proved to be a team effort; Sgt. Scott Orlando held the little dog still and McNulty opened Mit's mouth while a third officer found pliers and plucked the lodged bone from Mit's throat.

The officers were glad that they could lend a hand to help.

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