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Police officers execute daring rescue for dog trapped on ledge

Daring dog rescue
Wichita Police Department

On the Fourth of July, while families enjoyed barbecues and firework festivities, officers from the Wichita, Kan., Police Department, Patrol West bureau, executed a daring rescue for a young dog who was stranded on a ledge.

According to Saturday's publication of the Wichita Eagle, the dog's precarious situation was first noticed by an officer who was in the process of issuing a citation near the overpass at Kellogg and Tyler Road. The pup, later identified as a six-month-old German shepherd named "Harley," was standing on a narrow ledge, 32 feet above the cars which were whizzing by on the roadway below.

Wichita police Sgt. Jim Merrick told the Wichita Eagle:

Nobody knows how that happened,”

“This dog had nowhere to go. People go 70, 80 on Kellogg all the time, and it was about a 32-foot drop down. The dog was stuck.”

It took four officers to secure the pup from the ledge - unfortunately, after being moved from the ledge, Harley bolted again. The officers pursued the pup and were able to corral him with their patrol cars.

On Friday night, the photo of Harley's rescue was posted to the Facebook page for the police department, and it spread like wildfire shortly there after. The page posted:

Today officers were called to an overpass at Kellogg and Tyler for a report of a German Shepard that was on a ledge. Officers were able to pull the dog back over the ledge and get it to safety.

The next day, Harley was reunited with his family. The loud booms from neighborhood fireworks had caused the terrified pup to jump the fence surrounding his yard and he bolted. Nobody knows how he managed to get onto the ledge where he was first noticed by the police.

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