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Police officer who shot dog in yard has been cleared of wrongdoing

A man's Weimaraner was killed by a police officer
Justice for Geist FB page

According to Friday's KSL News, the police officer who shot and killed a dog who was inside of his owner's Salt Lake City, Utah, yard in June, has been cleared of wrongdoing.

On June 18, Detective Brett Olsen entered Sean Kendall's fenced yard and encountered Kendall's dog "Geist," a Weimaraner. The officer claimed that Geist approached him in an aggressive manner and he fired his gun. Following the fatal shooting, an investigation was instigated to see if Detective Olsen had violated any procedures.

The internal affairs investigation determined that the 13-year veteran of the force did nothing wrong. The department released the following statement at the conclusion of the investigation:

The department's internal review found the subject officer reasonably believed that deadly force was necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury to himself from a dangerous animal under SLCPD Policy III-310 Force, Use of and SLCPD Policy III-300 Firearms,"

"Therefore, the complaint filed by the dog's owner was deemed ‘not sustained.'"

Detective Olsen entered the Kendall's yard while searching for a child who had been reported as missing; the missing child was later found asleep in the basement of his own home.

Not long after the shooting, Chief Burbank addressed Olsen's decision to enter the yard, stating:

"It is our responsibility that we do all we can to bring a safe resolution to the circumstances we encounter. This is a seasoned officer who has tremendous experience and has, in fact, been under fire and performed very well,"

I cannot in my mind imagine an officer coming forward and saying we didn't do all we could to find a missing child.

There has been a huge public outcry against the shooting death of Kendall's dog; a petition asking for the officer who killed the dog to be held accountable has reached nearly 70,000 signatures.

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