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Police officer shoots young dog, witness claims that dog was friendly

Dog shot and killed by Sulphur police officer
Dog shot and killed by Sulphur police officer
Family photo via Huffington Post

According to Tuesday's KPLC 7 News, a Sulphur, La., police officer fatally shot a 14-month-old dog on Monday morning after being called out to investigate a call about two suspicious men who were trespassing.

Though the police officer has stated that the dog bit him, a witness to the traumatic scene has a different version of what took place in the parking lot of the Southwest Daily News. The young dog, named "Arzy Kensington," had been secured to the bumper of the box truck which Brandon Carpenter, 28, and Logan Laliberte, 21, had taken shelter in when it started to rain.

According to Eric Midkiff, circulation manager at the Southwest Daily News, the officer who had been called out to the scene to investigate a possible trespassing, interacted briefly with the dog before firing the fatal shot. Midkiff described what he saw to the Huffington Post:

The dog was rubbing up against the cop,

He would rub the dog's back and then push him away. All of a sudden, he just jumped down and shot the dog in the head."

He added:

That dog did not bite that officer,"

"The dog was wagging his tail, his tongue was hanging out."

Arzy belonged to Brandon Carpenter, one of the "suspicious" men who had sought shelter in the back of the truck - at the time that the dog was shot and killed, Carpenter was in handcuffs. He told the Huffington Post what he witnessed:

I saw the blood start to run down his face. … I'm watching my dog die while I'm sitting in cuffs."

Carpenter believes that the officer who killed his dog, Brian Thierbach, "smirked" after the dog was dead.

Arzy's guardian and his friend were charged with trespassing and released a short time later. The shooting of the dog is being internally investigated by the police department.

Critical comments about the shooting are pouring in to the Facebook page for the Sulphur Police Department.

Follow the Justice for Arzy Facebook page here.

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