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Police officer shoots family dog on day of child's birthday party

According to Monday's Magic Valley News, a Labrador retriever was shot and killed outside of a home in Filer, Idaho, by a police officer who had been called to the area in response to a "dog at large" report.

Dog shot by Idaho police officer

The tragic scene, which unfolded on Saturday evening shortly after a boy's 9th birthday party, was captured by the police officer's dash cam.

The video (which is graphic) captures two Labrador retrievers barking at the officer as he exits his police cruiser.

Officer Tarek Hassani kicks and yells at the dogs as he makes his way towards the door of Rick Clubb's home. Within moments, the officer's efforts to keep the dogs away takes a deadly turn as he fires his gun and the seven-year-old dog drops to the ground screaming in pain.

Clubb, who owns the dogs, can be heard yelling at Officer Hassani after he opens the door - the conversation continues after Clubb seems to settle down and the officer proceeds to explain to the man why he shot the retriever, whose name was "Hooch."

In the audio, Officer Hassani repeatedly tells the dog's owner that he was bitten in the hand in the past and he will not be bitten again - his explanation as to why he shot and killed the dog who was "aggressing (sic) him."

Clubb stated that Hooch was his service dog, trained to assist him with his Parkinson's Disease; no word on why the dogs were running loose throughout the neighborhood; Clubb was cited for allowing the dogs to run off-leash.

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