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Police officer charged with killing girlfriend’s puppy in Baltimore

Jack Russell Terrier puppy killed by cop boyfriend (not dog in photo)
Jack Russell Terrier puppy killed by cop boyfriend (not dog in photo)
Marie Anne St. Jean

A Baltimore police officer turned himself in on Wednesday and was charged with animal cruelty and abuse after allegedly killing his girlfriend’s puppy, a 7-month-old Jack Russell Terrier. As reported by The Washington Post on March 5, Alec Eugene Taylor, 27, a five-year veteran of the city police force, is said to have beaten the dog with a mop and then choked him to death.

After defecating on the floor of the Silver Spring home, the scared puppy hid behind the clothes dryer to escape its assailant’s wrath. According to a February 26 text that he sent to his girlfriend, Taylor subdued and retrieved Rocko with the mop, then dumped the body in a dumpster after choking him, because he was tired of cleaning up after the dog’s accidents in the home. In a further taunt, he also sent her a photo of the deceased pup.

The girlfriend later buried the dog in a nearby park, where Animal Services retrieved it to perform a necropsy. The puppy’s injuries were found to be consistent with Taylor’s actions, which resulted in him being charged with aggravated animal cruelty and abuse or neglect of an animal.

Taylor has been suspended without pay after turning himself in on Wednesday.

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