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Police officer breaks into car to rescue overheated puppy

Puppy saved from overheated interior of car
Puppy saved from overheated interior of car
Slidell Police Department

According to Sunday's WNEM News, a police officer broke into a parked car to rescue an overheated puppy who had been left alone while his owners went shopping at the Northshore Square Mall in Slidell, La.

The pit bull puppy was "near death," by the time that the officer was able to break into the parked car. Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith told WNEM:

There is no doubt that the puppy would have died if our officer wouldn't have intervened,"

"With the temperatures being as hot as they were, the inside of the car must have exceeded over 150 degrees; even with the windows cracked. People need to realize that leaving a child or animal inside of a vehicle during the summer can be deadly. My officers are instructed to take any action necessary to preserve life, whether it is a child or an animal,

The women who left the pup alone in the car, while the outdoor temperature was in the 90s, are 23-year-old Lajessica McKenzie and 20-year-old Carleisha Shelly...both women were arrested and face a charge of cruelty to animals.

The women left the windows "barely cracked" while they shopped in the air-conditioned mall...the minimal opening of the windows did little, if anything, to alleviate the extreme temperature of the car's interior. The puppy, who bounced back after receiving veterinary attention, was turned over to the custody of the Slidell Animal Control - it will be up to a judge to determine if he will be returned to his owners.

According to WGNO News, Officer Delvan Melancon is the man who was dispatched on the call about the distressed puppy. Officer Melancon told WGNO News that if necessary, the pup will have a home with him:

“I’m glad to hear it’s going to be alright. If it’s still at the pound I’ll go pick it up myself,”

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