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Police live-tweet prostitution sting: Warped use of social network claim critics

Police to live-tweet prostitute sting: They get their share of friction coming from the public.
Police to live-tweet prostitute sting: They get their share of friction coming from the public.
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It looks like a police department in Maryland is ready to offer a form of entertainment to the masses as they’re all set to live-tweet a prostitution sting for all to enjoy. When news of this first surfaced, some folks were outraged and let their opinions be known on the social networks, according to ABC News on May 2. The live-tweet of this sting is slated to take place next week sometime.

One of the biggest objections to this live-tweet event being offered by the Prince George County Police Department was for the prostitutes. Why would the police want to embarrass them and drag them through the mud when many of the prostitutes are either runaway teens or victims of human trafficking?

Spotlighting the prostitutes would do nothing to help this problem, many wrote. Exposing the folks prostituting themselves would just embarrass them and tarnish their names even more. This would make it difficult for the prostitutes to change careers and get legal employment one day.

The police department posted their intentions on their website once again after the blow back. Police are now saying that the prostitutes’ names will not be released, it is the people who solicit the prostitutes who will be named on this website. The Prince George County Police website’s latest statement:

“The intent all along has been to put on notice and/or arrest the very people who exploit women and even young girls in our community,” the message read. “Some young girls and women involved in prostitution are victims of human trafficking. Our Vice Unit regularly helps trafficked women connect with groups and advocates who help them escape the dangerous sex trade.”

This comes on the heels of the Twitter page that the New York City Police Department created last week, to bring police and citizens closer. The police asked folks to post their pictures of the NYPD, in hopes of getting heroic and friendly snapshots of cops and citizens together. Instead most tweeted pictures of what resembled police brutality with comical captions.

For example, one picture had a woman being pulled by the hair and the caption read something about the NYPD giving her a hand with her hairdo. The pictures kept coming, with the majority of the photos showing the police in disparaging predicaments. You can see the slideshow of these tweets at the bottom of this article.

According to the Prince George County Police Department’s spokesperson, Julie Parker, what they want to do is offer the public an inside look at police work, according to USA Today. Parker said:

"So much of what a law enforcement agency does is behind the scenes, and the community is really intrigued by that work," she said. "We're simply putting it out in a very public forum."

Parker said they are targeting “Johns” with their tweeting. These are the people who solicit prostitutes. Followers of this live-tweet can expect to see names, charges and even the pictures of the people they arrest for prostitution solicitation.

While the cops will be targeting the people who are soliciting the prostitutes, this could cause some damage among the community. Most likely many of these prostitute solicitors or “johns,” will be men, many who have wives and children. How cruel this could be for any kids of the people soliciting the prostitute.

Making the names of the people trolling for sex would embarrass the heck out of them, but is it worth the possibility of shaming their family, especially if they have kids. The majority of people who wrote into ABC News and commented on this story were not fond of the idea of live-tweeting a prostitution sting.

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