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Police free suffering dog from car parked at Walmart

Dog rescued from hot car
Dog rescued from hot car
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the Valparaiso, Ind., police department issued a release about the rescue of a dog who was suffering inside of a car which was parked at a Walmart store.

Police officers responded to a call about a distressed dog who was inside of a vehicle parked at the store which is located on 2400 Morthland Drive; the panting dog inside of the car appeared to be overheated and stressed.

Witnesses who spoke with the officers stated that the dog had been in the car for approximately an hour.

Animal control officers and the police attempted to find the dog's owner inside of the store, but they were unsuccessful. Officers were able to access the car's interior and free the overheated dog from the virtual oven on wheels.

The distressed dog was provided with water and then taken in by the local animal control. The individual who left the dog in the car was eventually found and questioned about the incident. The authorities are investigating to see if any charges are warranted.

The Valparaiso Police Department reiterated the importance of protecting pets from the dangers of being left inside of a parked car, stating:

Every year dogs die from being left in hot cars. Many studies show that an open window makes little difference. An outside temperature of 78 degrees reaches 120 degrees inside a vehicle in just 30 minutes. During this time of the year, leave your dog at home where it’s cool and safe!

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