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Police: Family killed newlyweds in gruesome honor killing slitting their throats

Newlyweds killed by bride's family in honor killing where their throats were slit in front of a crowd, including children.
Newlyweds killed by bride's family in honor killing where their throats were slit in front of a crowd, including children.
Wikimedia Commons

New information on the horrific deaths of a newlywed couple by the bride’s immediate family have emerged today. Children were forced to watch as the bride’s mother, father, grandfather and uncles, slit the newlywed’s throats and let them bleed to death in this honor killing, according to the National Post on June 29.

This was considered a lesson not to marry against your parents wishes to the girls in this Pakistan village where the grisly murders took place. This newlywed couple fell in love and married for love, but the bride’s family was dead against this union.

Media outlets, like CNN, originally reported that the newlyweds were beheaded, but their throats were slit and they bled to death in front of a crowd. At one point someone in the crowd said the children should be sent away but the bride’s father told them to stay and watch the killings. The father said that “they should learn what would happen to them if they married someone of their own choice.”

Sajjad Ahmed, 26, and 18-year-old Muawia Bibi married in a Pakistan courtroom, leaving a traditional marriage behind due to the bride’s family refusing to give their blessing for these nuptials. They were married just one week when the bride’s relatives lured the couple back to the bride’s village by telling her she was forgiven and the family will accept their marriage.

When the couple arrived, they were drugged. Then their arms and legs were bound and pieces of cloth were used to gag the husband and wife’s mouths. The bride’s father then announced to the crowd, which had gathered around to watch, that he was going to slit the throat of his daughter and her husband.

The couple was led gagged and bound into the courtyard of the family home where the father of the bride did just as he promised, he slit his daughter’s throat and the throat of her husband. Members of the bride’s immediate family are under arrest for this honor killing.

It was reported by Yahoo News that the Bride’s father, mother, grandfather and two uncles were arrested for this honor killing. Police said that the couple’s throats were slit, but they also showed “severe signs of torture to their heads.”

The couple was tortured before they were killed and then the end came with their throats slit. Apparently the family's beliefs are so strong that they trump the life of family members. Can you imagine a mother and father arranging to torture their child and then ending their life by slitting their throat?

This barbaric practice of honor killing is embedded in this region's culture with numerous killings of this type reported every year. Last year Pakistan had almost 800 reported honor killings, but human rights activists believe the total is much higher because many go unreported.

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