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Police: Family killed newlyweds in horrifying honor killing

Police are reporting that a family killed two newlyweds in the Punjab province of Pakistan. What was the crime of the couple? They married for love? The 17-year-old girl married a man of her own choosing, and this choice is considered an insult to that live in Pakistan and follow the Muslim religion. Yahoo News reported on the killing of this couple on June 29.

Muafia Bibi married Sajjad Ahmed earlier this month. The 17-year-old's marriage to the 30-year-old man was not accepted by her family. He was a lesser important tribe than her family, and this embarrassed her family. However, her family made it sound like they were going to accept the girl's marriage to lure the couple back to her family home.

The marriage was far from accepted though. Once the newlywed couple arrived at her home, they were slaughtered by five members of the girl's family. Butcher knives were used to slit each of their throats. The girl's grandfather, parents and two uncles were involved in the murder, and they have all been arrested. In fact, CNN reported that her family turned themselves in for the crime. Gohar Nafees, a district police chief in the area, revealed that the family did admit to killing the couple in the name of honor.

Muhammad Pervaiz, another local police chief said the following about the killings, according to National Post:

"It is a case of honor killing. The couple were not beheaded, but were killed with the knives and had severe signs of torture on their heads."

Even more of the gruesome details have been revealed about the murder that took place last Thursday. The couple was drugged and tied when they arrived at the family home. Once the family was ready to proceed with the honor killing, the couple was taken outside to the courtyard of the family home. The father is the one that yelled out that he planned to slit the throat of his daughter and her new husband. Children and others from the village were there to watch the killing.

Honor killings are become more and more publicized in recent months. Yahoo News reported that 869 honor killings were reported in the media last year, but the number of killings is likely much higher. CNN reported that as many as 5,000 honor killings take place each year. Many honor killings go unreported. In this case, the family turned themselves in, but that does not always happen. Even though the family members have confessed to their crime, it is likely their actions will be forgiven by the rest of their family.

The killing of this newlywed couple are not the only honor killings reported in the last week either. According to The Washington Post, a 20-year-old woman was burned to death after a proposal was rejected by her family. Another woman was arrested later that night. Last month, a woman being stoned to death by her family outside of a court made news. The woman was three months pregnant at the time, and she had also married a man of her choice. These deaths are tragic, but they will continue.

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