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Police dog dies in hot car: Officer charged after leaving dog for 6 hours

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A Wyoming police officer has been charged in the death of his police dog after leaving the dog in a sweltering car for more than six hours at the police station. Mills Police Department’s Officer Zachary Miller pleads “not-guilty” to those charges against him for the death of the police dog, reports MSN News on Aug. 23.

The drug-sniffing dog, Nyx, was left in the car with the windows rolled up in the parking lot of the police department. Dogs are not allowed in the Mills Police station and the same went for Nyx, even though he is a police dog.

Miller could get a $750 fine and up to six months in jail if he is found guilty of the charges. Of all people to leave a dog under those conditions, you would not expect this coming from an officer of the law.

This is the same person that would show up and hand out a ticket to a member of the public if they had left their dog in a hot car and the dog died. It seems that in Mills police officers are not exempt from this law.

He was charged with animal cruelty, since the dog was under his care at the time. The black lab was a drug-sniffing dog and he died when the outside temperature jumped to 86 degrees after it was only 53 degrees that morning in July, according to New York Daily News.

Miller came into the station at 5:30 a.m. on July 9 and when he left Nyx in the car at that time it was a cool 53 degrees. He didn’t go back out to the car until after he had finished training with another officer. By that time the temperature had gone into the mid-80s and Nyx was dead.

The black lab was in the back of the car and dead from the scorching heat of the afternoon. The dog had been with the police department for about seven years. Miller was released on a $500 bond after he was charged.

The chief of police for the Mills Police Department said that it was a mistake that Miller will have to pay for. Chief Bryon Preciado said that Miller is still employed by the department and this is his first disciplinary action after being on the force for four years. Miller was previously awarded Officer of the Year in Mills.

Is anyone wondering why the police department uses police dogs on their force, but they don’t allow them in the building? If the officer had allowed to bring the dog inside, this incident could have been avoided.

Sadly the police dog Nyx was not the only police dog to die in a hot car after his handler, a police officer, left the animal in the car. According to Opposing Views last year another black lab was left in a police car in South Carolina. Tank, the dog, died in the hot car after his handler thought he would be in the station for only a few minutes, but he wasn't.. The dog was also found dead in the police car much like Nyx in Wyoming.