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Police dispatcher and tow drivers arrested for bribery scheme in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Police

An indictment was unsealed today, May 9 2014 charging that a city of Philadelphia Police Dispatcher allegedly took bribes from tow truck drivers and at least one body shop owner, to get confidential information about accidents. Dispatcher Dorien Parsley was suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss by Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

According to the indictment, the scam worked like this. When car accidents were called in to police, the cops are supposed to call a rotational tow. Instead, parsley was allegedly texting the locations of car crashes to Stephon Flowers who is reported to have paid her $150 to $200.00 per week her her "services". When Flowers needed info on the owner to secure a job, he paid an additional fee to Parsley, to run the vehicle plate and text him the information the indictment said.

Armed with that info, Flowers was free to contact the owner and try to persuade them to remove the car from a competing body shop and take it to where Flowers wanted it taken to. One such shop that Flowers was affiliated with was K&B Autocraft on Torresdale Ave. in Philadelphia. Also indicted was William Cheeseman, who was an owner of that shop and tow operator Chad Harris.

It is alleged that Parsley was making about $500.00per week average from this scheme. Since Flowers was the man that recruited other drivers, he "sometimes paid a reduced bribe amount," the indictment said. This scheme was in play from about February of 2011 to December of 2013, authorities said.

The scheme unraveled when a confidential informant had tags run and information texted to their phone from the dispatcher. all parties will face federal charges including bribery,conspiracy and related offenses.

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