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Police department determines that officer did not abuse K9

Official - K9 was not abused
Official - K9 was not abused
Screen shot via YouTube

According to Monday's NBC Chicago, a Hammond, Ind., police officer, who was placed on administrative leave after a YouTube video surfaced showing potential abuse towards a canine partner, has been cleared of wrong-doing.

The department issued an official release on Monday about the incident, which took place in April. Chief John Doughty stated that the officer acted in accordance with training. However, the same officer is now being provided with additional training in order to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

The scene which was captured by an area resident took place because the German shepherd, who had been given a ball as a reward for a successful find, was reluctant to give it up.

Chief Doughty stated:

All of our dogs have high drives that make them good at what they do,"

"This particular K-9 is reluctant to give up the ball quickly as he savors the reward, and in training this is play time he loves to extend."

The officer in the video can be seen slapping the dog with the leash, and pulling the dog off of the ground, more than once, by his throat. Shortly after the video surfaced, the mayor issued a statement advising the public that the Hammond Police Department does not condone the type of behavior which was observed in the video and he described the officer's actions as "shocking and disturbing."

Following the investigation, however, the department determined that the dog was not abused.

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