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Police cite fruit with assault rifle in Texas

A banana was cited for riling up a traffic while carrying an AK-47
A banana was cited for riling up a traffic while carrying an AK-47

Everything is bigger in Texas, even the bipedal banana that was cited by police on Monday while dancing in an intersection with an AK-47. Guns may be commonplace in the Lone Star State, but anthropomorphic phallic fruits apparently have a way of getting under Texans' collective skin.

It was actually just a stunt for the grand opening of Golden Triangle Tactical gun shop, trying to draw attention to the store. Apparently they saw the Statues of Liberty and Uncle Sams dancing around outside the tax preparation offices that sprout up every year from January through April and decided they wanted a piece of that. But police thought that idea was just bananas.

Oddly enough, though, it wasn't the AK-47 that got him in trouble. It wasn't the banana suit, either, although a law in Texas outlawing banana suits wouldn't surprise anyone.

No, he was merely cited for violating a city ordinance that prohibits soliciting in and alongside roadways. The 18 year old man was found with a 50-round drum to go with his AK-47, but only detained temporarily while being issued a citation for soliciting. It's enough to drive one bonkers.