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Police in Christiansburg seek owners of poodle rescued after being hit by car

Does anyone recognize this apricot toy poodle? She was found severely injured on Roanoke Street.
Does anyone recognize this apricot toy poodle? She was found severely injured on Roanoke Street.
Christiansburg Police Department FB

The Christiansburg Police Department are hoping to find the owner of a ten-year-old female apricot poodle who was found near Starlight Drive and Roanoke Street in Christiansburg, Virginia on Monday. Authorities are unsure if the tiny pooch was hit by a car or injured in a fight with another dog reported the

The adorable toy poodle was rushed to the Town and Country Veterinary Clinic and through the courtesy of the police, the clinic and private donations underwent emergency surgery.

In a press release Christiansburg Public Relations Director Becky Wilburn stated:

“We’re hoping for a happy ending; that either her owner can be located or she can find a new home after she recovers."

On the Christiansburg Police Department Facebook page, the department is hoping someone might recognize the dog who has been named "Peeti" as in Christiansburg Police.

"We are hoping to reunite her with her owner (or find her a new family if her owner can't be located). She is doing well so far, but needs continuing care. We've posted pictures of what she looked like when she was found, as well as post-surgery in hopes that someone will recognize her. Please contact Town and Country at (540) 382-5042 if you have any information or would like to help."

Please share Peeti's photograph and help her find her way home or into a great new home. With many thanks Christiansburg Police Department; what an utterly humane and compassionate act of kindness to do for a stray, defenseless little dog.

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